Philbert waxes philsophical about the role of the pilot in Sinistar


"I AM SINISTAR" the monstrosity bellowed. "BEWARE, I LIVE!"

The pilot gritted his teeth and pushed the throttle to the limit. He knew running would be futile, the horrid machine could easily outrun him. But he needed to buy time - enough time to deploy his countermeasures.

The vile machine started chasing him. It was quickly gaining on him. That's when he deployed his secret weapons. FIRE! He screamed, as he opened the firing chamber and unleashed a plethora of Sinibombs. The hit the creature, and it screamed in anger as its body was being torn apart by the only thing capable of hurting him.

Was it over? Hardly. The lonesome pilot and his worn and battered old ship warped to the next zone. There, another Sinistar was being built. As long as the pilot lived, his sole purpose in life would be to fight the Sinistar. It was futile really, as soon as he destroyed one Sinistar, another would be built in another zone. Back and forth he'd go - planetoid, worker, warrior, void, and back to planetoid. The four zones in an endless cycle. His work was never finished, and his personal life suffered for it. He existed solely to destroy Sinistar, much as Sinistar existed solely to destroy all other life.

He knew that one of these days, his time would come. Perhaps he wouldn't mine the Sinisite fast enough. Or mabey Sinistar would actually catch him before he could release the Sinibombs. Perhaps a worker, warrior, or planetoid would intercept the Sinibomb before it hit Sinistar. Regardless, one of these days, he wouldn't be able to destroy Sinistar in time, and then, it'd be his turn to die. But, unlike Sinistar, there wouldn't be any one or any way to rebuild him. And then what? So he bought the universe a few extra years? But how long can people keep up with a tireless, endless enemy who always comes back? When would the people give up hope? Who would rise to fill his place once he is gone?

The pilot didn't waste time thinking about such things. He was already busy mining crystals. He needed to hurry, because the Workers had already completed several pieces to the next Sinistar. And so the cycle continues.